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kids' design village Enjoying the DEKIVILL


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Culture Plaza

This is a physical development space for kids at age 0~5 and 6~10 to play. This space can be used as an orienration place according to various purposes.

kids'design village

2.[Play Zone] Culture Plaza
  • Culture Plaza of Picture
  • Culture Plaza of location
Colorful ideas are popped out, both senses and thoughts are growing!

01. Dream Tree of Design

01. Dream Tree of Design
Orientation for group visitors as well as spotting the location of kid visitors are available. This section symbolizes the hope of the village of young desiners.

02. Design Pond of Picture

02. Design Pond
This is an experience space full of items to stimulate vision, auditory sense, and tactie sense for those at age 0~5. With design blocks, colored balls, and gym balls in Design Pond, kids can experience tactie sense stimulating experiences with blocks made of various materials.

03. Design Discovery Hall of Picture

03. Design Discovery Hall
This is an experience space of building blocks for at age 2~10 not only to have visual, tactile, and physical activities but also to learn composing and crafting capability.

04. Design Bench and Media Table of Picture

04. Design Bench and Media Table
There is a design bench and media table which enable kids to learn the principles of point, line, and side and understand the basic principles of design simply as reading media books.

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