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kids' design village Enjoying the DEKIVILL


tel. 062.611.5111 , fax. 062.611.5113

Look Around DEKIVILL


  • Information Center
  • Culture Plaza
  • Playground
  • Treasure Research Center
  • Design Plant
  • Magic Workshop
  • Design Lounge

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Design Lounge

This is a lounge for kids to finish all activiries.

kids'design village

7.[Lounge Zone] Design Lounge
  • Design Lounge of Picture
  • Design Lounge of location
Kids can finish design activities and thoughts.

01. Design Lounge of Picture

01. Design Lounge
In this place, kids can relax reading various fairytales. When you finish all the activities, don’t forget to return an imaginary cloak.

02. Design in Gwangju of Picture

02. Design in Gwangju
This is a section for introducing the design industry in Gwangju and the roles of Gwangju Design Center.

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