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kids' design village Enjoying the DEKIVILL


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  • Treasure Research Center
  • Design Plant
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Design Plant

This is an experience space where kids make a variety of design examples. Both individual and group visitors can enjoy the activities prepared in this place.

kids'design village

5.[Production Zone] Design Plant
  • Design Plant of Picture
  • Design Plant
Join the design making activities such as pictogram, art book, and clock design.

01. Pictogram of Picture

01. Pictogram of location
This is an experience space where kids can learn about diverse pictogram of international standard by making pictogram and characters. Visitors can print out what they have made in the form of sticker.

02. Art book of Picture

02. Art book
This is an experience space for multimedia designs. This is linked to media related activities.

03. Clock of Picture

03. Clock
In this section, kids can make their own clocks with various concepts. Using the clock making kit bought at Information Center, Kids can design and make a clock.

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