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tel. 062.611.5111 , fax. 062.611.5113


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Come and visit DEKIVILL , the design cultural experience space for kids.

On the way to Gwangju Design Center 27 (Oryong-dong) on 176th Street, there is Yangam Park, Gwangju Regional Employment and Labor Office Advanced General Hospital. If you drive along the cutting-edge fruit course by car, turn right from the last block and you will find Gwangju Design Center 100 meters away. On the other side, there is a double-cancer park.
Address :
(500-480) GWANGJU Design Center, 1110-7, Oryong-dong, Cheomdangwaki-ro 303. Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City
(+82) 62-661-5002
(+82) 62-611-5019
  • As the site is located close to the Gwangsan Interchange off the Honam Expressway, It is easily accessible from remote areas.
  • Also, Ssangam Park and the green spaces of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) are pleasantly located t0 the west of the site.

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