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kids' design village Welcome to DEKIVILL Dekivill


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Welcome to DEKIVILL

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DEKIVILL is a design experience hall specially make for kids, standing for KIDS’DESIGN VILLAGE.

Established for cultivating young leaders to take the initiative in the design industry in the future, DEKICILL is a design experience hall specially designed for preschool kids and elementary schoolers to understand and experience design which are deeply rooted in our everyday lives with diverse perspectives.

Focusing on developing creativity as well as emotional intelligence, we build the design village fun and exciting with 7 zones, 28 sections, and 54 items such as Information Center, Culture Plaza, Playground, Treasure Research Center, Design Plant, Magic Workshop, and Design Lounge.

All experience sections are based on the docent experience and you can have more in-depth and specialized activities in design with Design. Also, aside from specialized items to learn the basic principles and process of design, play zones of free ideas and expressions are built in order for DEKIVILL to be a cultural place for kids, where everyone can visit at ease.

Let us begin our trip to DEKIVILL, the “design village for young designers!”

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