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kids' design village Visiting the DEKIVILL Dekivill


tel. 062.611.5111 , fax. 062.611.5113


Visiting the DEKIVILL

  • How to Visit
  • Guide to Reservation
  • Make Reservation

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Guide to Reservation

It is more convenient to confirm and check, before coming to DEKIVILL.

Opening Hour

  • Open : Tuesday~Sunday (6days)
    • Summertime (March~October)
    • Wintertime (December~February)
  • Close : Every Monday

    Previous day of Korea festive days, Korean festive days, January 1, holidays (except Sunday), Anniversary day GDC establishment

Types of Experience

  • General Experience : General Seeing (1~20 persons)
    • General experience by individual or family
  • Docent Experience : Expert Guide Experience (1~20 persons)
    • Expert experience by individual or family, and group
  • Group Experience : Expert Guide Experience + Crafting Experience (30~200 persons)
    • Group experience by school and organization

Reservation and Admission

  • On-The-Spot Registration and Online Reservation After online reservation
  • Tickets are issued at the entrance

Guide to Experience

체험방법 안내
Capacity Individual 30 persons 100~200 persons
Opening Days 6 days a week (Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun) 4 days a week (Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri) 4 days a week (Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri)
Reservation online reservation online reservation inquiry call
Ticket Issue on-the-spot issue on-the-spot issue inquiry call
Opening Hours free 1:30 1:30
Crafting Experience Ticket purchase is available only to those who make reservation in advance at Information Center, online reservation, on-the-spot issue, inquiry call

Crafting experience(fee for an experience kit)

Admission Fee

이용요금 안내표
Preschool & Elementary School 3~13 3,000 won 2,000 won 5,000 won 4,000 won
Middle and High School 14~19 4,000 won 3,000 won 6,000 won 5,000 won
General Over 20 5,000 won 4,000 won 7,000 won 6,000 won
Disabled, Men of National Merit - 50% D.C 50% D.C 50% D.C 50% D.C

Note for Visiting DEKIVILL

  • In case that reservation is full, you may not be allowed to enter, Be aware of it please.
  • When the number of people for Docent Experience lacks, general admission is allowed. Check reservation on our website.
  • Entrance is allowed only by 5p.m.(Wintertime: 4p.m.) Be aware of the time when visiting us.
  • No food is allowed inside the facility.
  • No pet is allowed inside the facility.
  • An admission ticket is not refunded once it is purchased.

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