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kids' design village Enjoying the DEKIVILL


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Information Center

This is Information Center where you can get help with online reservation confirmation and tickets for zones.

kids'design village

1.[Guide to Experience] Information Center
  • Information Center of Picture
  • Information Center of location

Information Center

  • This is a space of general guidance for issuing tikets reserved online as well as on-the-spot tickets.
  • In this place, we sell experience kits which you use and make something in the zones. If you want, you can purchase the kits upon issuing tickets.
  • At Information Center to welcome all visitors, we give imaginary cloaks to toddlers and kids. The imaginary cloak is an item designed to let visitors participate in programs actively provided by DEKIVILL and to generate excitement. If you want one, please refer to our staff when you enter.
  • We offer welcome notes to group visitors. When you make reservation, please tell us the exact name of your group.

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