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kids' design village Enjoying the DEKIVILL


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  • Information Center
  • Culture Plaza
  • Playground
  • Treasure Research Center
  • Design Plant
  • Magic Workshop
  • Design Lounge

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Magic Workshop

This is a space for the perspective experience  and interior replacement.

kids'design village

6.[Application Zone] Magic Workshop
  • Magic Workshop of Picture
  • Magic Workshop of location
Look into Magic Workshop. You can see a perfect interior created by perspective representation.

01. Magic Window of Picture

01. Magic Window
You can look into a space created by illusion and perspective through a magic window. The principle in space using mathematic principle is used as an important one in construction and interior design.

02. Magic space of Picture

02. Magic space
This is a space as if it where kid’s room moved here. You can change furniture, interior materials and fabric materials in this interior space.

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