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kids' design village Enjoying the DEKIVILL


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This is an experience space for kids at age 6~13 to understand the elements and basic principles of design. In this place, kids can learn about lights, colors, and shapes hidden in science and design elements though physical activities.

kids'design village

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Let us learn the basic principles of design!

01. Shape Cube of Picture

01. Shape Cube
In this section, kids can experience motional development in accordance with the interaction between eyes and hands. Through various parts of the body, kids can learn how to express in design and they also can understand the scientific principles reacting in accordance with the intensity of power while playing.

02. Light Cube of Picture

02. Light Cube
After understanding the structure and characteristics of human eyes, kids learn the features and attributes of light, principles of light which are required to know in doing media design aside from understanding colors by combination of light and light.

03. Color Cube of Picture

03. Color Cube
In this section, kids can understand various principles regarding colors, illusion of eyes, and combination of colors which are required to know in design. By using a large Munsell color wheel, kids can see the different degrees of brightness and chroma.

04. Handicraft Cube of Picture

04. Handicraft Cube
This section is for folding paper into various figures in order to improve shaping capability as well as observation. In this section, kids can enjoy folding paper, making various things using the materials prepared in here.

05. Sense Cube of Picture

05. Sense Cube
This section is an experience space for improving auditory and visual sense. With drums which have 7 different sounds, kids can experience Newton’s color of sounds.

06. Shadow Playground of Picture

06. Shadow Playground
This is a shadow playground where kids can enjoy various fun physical activities using light and shadow. In this section, kids can experience and apply the proportion of the body and face, and shadow design of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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